Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Arrested Development

The Office

Parks and Recreation

Bored To Death


Raising Hope

Happy Endings

The Goldbergs

Flight of The Conchords

New Girl

Up All Night

Running Wilde

Tenacious D

Mr. Show



Hidden America With Jonah Ray

Academy Awards producer/director of seven opening films

84th Annual Academy Awards Open

2013 Emmy Awards Opening Film

2011 Emmy Awards Opening Film

83rd Annual Academy Awards

78th Annual Academy Awards

76th Annual Academy Awards

72nd Annual Academy Awards

70th Annual Academy Awards

69th Annual Academy Awards

Grease (Franco & Hathaway)

MTV Movie Awards producer/director of fifteen opening films

2014 MTV Movie Awards

2013 MTVMA Opening Film

2009 MTV Movie Awards Opening

2008 MTV Movie Awards Opening

'Explosions' Samberg & Ferrell

Mike Myers MTV Movie Awards Opening

'Twister' MTV short film
Stiller Garofalo Vaughn Leno

'The Lost World'
Stiller Garofalo Vaughn Leno

'Champagne' Music Video
Classic Chris Rock

Mike Myers short film

BrandX W/Russell Brand
Live (FX's first live series)

Break on Through with JFK
Classic short with Dana Gould

Viva La Bam

Bette Midler Live Opening Film
Film for Caesar's Palace Show

Last Man on Earth
Classic short with Dana Gould

David Blaine

The Bobby Lee Project

George Lopez 'Not Me It's You'
Live / HBO

Natasha Legerro Live From Bimbos

Stand Up Specials
Early stand-up clips from TM

Bill Maher Live From DC

Brian Regan Live From Radio City
Live (Comedy Central's first)

Jim Gaffigan: King Baby

A Night On Java Island
Short Film

The Stewards
Classic Short Film

Jo Koy
Sketch Comedy Pilot

Katt Williams 'It's Pimpin'

Cedric The Entertainer
From the Fryman Auditorium

Run Ronnie Run
Feature Film

Jack Frost
Feature Film

The Announcement
Feature Film

Current Comedy Reel

Past Director Reel #1

Past Director Reel #2

Past Director Reel #3

Arrested Development Featurette

Dakota Pictures Show Reel

twelve nominations
two wins


(*) Pilot Director

  • *Lopez (All/TV Land)
  • *Hidden America With Jonah Ray (All/SeeSo)
  • *The New Yorker 'God & Man' (Amazon)
  • *Deadbeat (All S01/Hulu)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)
  • The Goldbergs (ABC)
  • *Dreamland (FX Pilot)
  • The Office - Final Season (NBC)
  • Arrested Development 4.0 (All/Netflix)
  • *Underemployed (MTV series)
  • *BrandX with Russell Brand (S01,03FX Pilot & Series)
  • Up All Night (NBC)
  • New Girl (FOX)
  • Parks & Recreation (NBC)
  • Raising Hope (FOX)
  • Happy Endings (ABC)
  • Breaking In (FOX)
  • *Underemployed (MTV pilot)
  • The Office (NBC)
  • Running Wilde (FOX)
  • Bored To Death (HBO)
  • Outsourced (NBC)
  • Flight of The Conchords (HBO)
  • *Right This Way (CBS pilot)
  • *Greg & Donny (IFC pilot)
  • *Tracey Ullman: State Of The Union (All S01 Showtime)
  • Tenacious D (HBO)
  • *Mr. Show (HBO)
  • *Wyclef Jean In America (HBO Pilot)
  • The Ben Stiller show (FOX)
  • *Van Stone: Tour of Duty (Pilot)
  • *Todd's Coma (CW Pilot)
  • *National Lampoon's Amer. Adventure (FOX pilot)
  • *Sunday, Sunday, Sunday (DisneyXD pilot)
  • Perfect Couples (NBC)
  • *The Bobby Lee Project (Comedy Central pilot)
  • Greg The Bunny (FOX)
  • *Super Nerds (Comedy Central pilot)
  • *Sorority (MTV Pilot)
  • Running The Halls (NBC)
  • *Deadline Now (FOX pilot)
  • *Friends and Lovers (NBC Pilot)
  • *Criminal Mastermind (ABC Pilot)
  • *Save Our Streets (ABC-Emmy win)
  • *Viva La Bam (MTV)
  • Weird Science (USA)
  • *Best Defense (NBC - Emmy win)


  • Jack Frost (WB)
  • Run Ronnie Run (New Line)
  • The Announcement (BBC)
  • Beverly Hills Family Robinson (Disney)
  • When Harry Met Lloyd (New Line)


  • CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER - At the Ryman Auditorium
  • BRIAN REGAN LIVE - Live From Radio City
  • BILL MAHER LIVE - Live From Washington DC
  • GEORGE LOPEZ LIVE - It's Not Me, It's You!
  • MARTIN SHORT - Let Freedom Hum
  • NATASHA LEGGERO - Live at Bimbos!
  • DAVID ALLAN GRIER - Comedy You Can Believe In
  • JIM GAFFIGAN -King Baby
  • JO KOY - Don't Make Him Angry
  • KATT WILLIAMS - It's Pimpin
  • BRIAN REGAN - The Epitome of Hyperbole
  • JOHN OLIVER - Terrifying Times
  • RHYS DARBY - Imagine That
  • DAVID CROSS - The Pride Is Back


  • Creative Artist's Agency